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Every common version of the genre is confounded, however, by unexpected surprises along the way. But the picaresque adventures that unfold for Pierre are very traditionally French. You can think what you want This is rather his trip that is funny! He decides to look up his father he never knew in Marseille and crosses the country meeting a lot of interesting people. These secondary characters add a depth and range to this film, fleshing it out.

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There's something about the bar that seems to set him off. My Life with James Dean I fast-forwarded through most of the movie after the "My Brother" sequence, stopping for a glance now and then. Wonderful all the way around. This is primarily a road movie, but tucked neatly into the structure of the film are many messages--it's perfectly OK to be who you are, that life changes quickly as you adapt to it, that AIDS doesn't need to be an immediate Death Sentence, that an appreciation of the richness of diversity expands your own horizons. Yet we never really find out how the illness affects him in any way. It showed also the fear of Felix of the police although he didn't do anything wrong.

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Like most good films, the themes and characters are universal, and the interactions with various folks that he encounters in his five day journey from Normandy to Marseilles are completely entertaining. Issues of race, age, monogamy, relationships, family, marriage, sexuality, homosexuality and HIV are presented in such a natural way that they do not become "issues" as in most other gay films, but only various parts of Felix's experiences that make life interesting. Pierre gets to kiss him but when they return to the hotel instead of climbing into bed together they go their separate rooms and hump their adjoining walls. We thought we were broadminded, but far from breaking down barriers, this movie creates distances. A Moment in the Reeds Unfortunately, it's made clear that Felix is viral-positive; thus, when he engages in an intimate relationship with a driver who picks him up, it's another matter. Not to be missed.

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