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You say He washed my sins, Stop acting like I'm a criminal. AudenFernando Pessoa and Allen Ginsberg. In Tender Buttonsthe slight elision of one image, sound, or letter into another allows things to be said that a conventionally moral reader might have found offensive: Read selections from his work here. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. General survey with emphasis on canonical texts.

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Walt Whitman is one of the great poets of all time, and a champion of homoeroticism in the literary form.

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These 12 Gay Poems Will Make You Want to Fall in Love (and Lust)

Drawing on Foucault, this book, with extensive analyses of Melville and James, among others, is one of the key texts in queer studies. The Evils of Sex Thoreau was a disciple of health reform movements advanced by such popular lecturers and writers as Sylvester Graham —remembered today mostly for his crackers but in his day a celebrity who could pack auditoriums. Wilde's influence on American writing can be traced to the early s, when the Boston firm of Copeland and Day began publishing his works to the outrage of critics and the delight of some young men. Stop breathing down my neck. Allen Ginsberg Allen Ginsberg is celebrated as one of the great queer voices of all time in writing. A rainstorm strikes when you laugh, Your bare back is the sturdy ship, I am stranded on in this wide ocean.

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Someone tell him I understand. The one thing that the works of all these poets have in common—although this is also not necessarily or essentially gay—is that they are immensely subversive, socially and often linguistically, of the status quo. One of the first modern novels to deal with a homosexual figure sympathetically and realistically— A Single Man by the Anglo-American novelist Christopher Isherwood — —suggested the same. No one thought to tell me, So I just never knew, But boys aren't supposed to look at each other, The way I looked at you. Homosexuality can be seen as created and imposed by the culture rather than as something chosen. My bones hum with it My heartbeat reaching like thunder into my fingers.

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