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Bird flu has killed off most of the fowl. Her upcoming film What Men Want may be pure comedy, but Phoebe Robinson shares how she'll take on drama next. After tasering Roxy in an effort to sabotage her, Patty is hit with a tranquilizer dart and falls unconscious. Though Roxy initially lashes out at Bob Barnard for abandoning her, she eventually changes her mind after confronting Stella Rose, and the Bobs decide to coach her for regionals together. With Angie away on an AA retreat, Patty plans to skip school on the first day of senior year, though Bob Armstrong convinces her to go, after giving her a makeover.

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A shop assistant discovers her megalomaniac boss is selling human flesh to his starving customers.

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Patty confesses to Bob that she thinks she also killed Stella Rose. Paralyzed and in a wheelchair, Dixie returns to school, where an anti-bullying assembly is held so that Patty and Dixie can apologize to each other. I certainly have appreciated the ways gay-panic jokes have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, while movies like Blockers have mined far richer comedy as a result. Okay, so some spoilers ahead. After ruining Brick's wrestling match, Bob Armstrong decides to get baptized alongside Patty.

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Ellie works for Harvey in order to keep food on the table. Noticing Patty has a crush on Bob, Stella Rose hands her an engraved necklace that Bob gave to her as proof of the affair. It is not satire. Patty goes to meet Magnolia after receiving a text message from her, only to find out it was sent by Christian, who, in an effort to win Patty back, roofied Magnolia after learning she had requalified for regionals. However, things turn sour when Bob Armstrong learns that Coralee had an affair and his father hired Bob Barnard as a senior partner at the firm. Stella Rose agrees to assist Bob in teaching Patty how to behave properly. Bob Armstrong accepts his feelings for Bob Barnard and goes over to his house.

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