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Leach was a top critic of President Bill Clinton and played a leading role in the House's investigation of the Whitewater scandal. Gambling interests opposed him during the election and contended the bill had passed without hearings. Still, it was considered very likely that Leach would be succeeded by a Democrat once he retired. Grant ran Horace Greeley for the presidency. Harvard Yard as seen from Holyoke Center.

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InDouglas Elmendorf, the director of the U.

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Jim Leach Remarks on Cultural Diversity

The district became even more Democratic after the census, in which it was renumbered the 2nd District. Endangered or threatened plants include western prairie fringed orchid, eastern prairie fringed orchid, Meads milkweed, prairie bush clover, the explosion in the number of high-density livestock facilities in Iowa has led to increased rural water contamination and a decline in air quality. At the sentencing hearing later that month, Hastert admitted that he had sexually abused boys whom he coached. InLeach was defeated in a considerable upset by Democratic opponent Dave Loebsacka political science professor at Cornell College. He founded and chaired several policy think tanks, including American Solutions for Winning the Future and he has written or co-authored 27 books. Kennedy School of Government faculty Paul H.

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Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Humanities — The class of donated twin lion sculptures that flanked the entrance untilNassau Halls bell rang after the halls construction, however, the fire of melted it. Harvard Yard as seen from Holyoke Center. Leach sponsored the Gramm—Leach—Bliley Acta notable piece of banking legislation of the 20th century. After returning to Iowa to head a family business, Leach was elected in to Congress defeating two-term Democrat Edward Mezvinskywhere he came to be a leader of a small band of moderate Republicans. At the beginning of her letter, Professor Blake urged Rep. But in what he described as a close judgment call, Leach voted for the article of impeachment that related to felonious lying under oath.