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He said, You are Sid, you are! I thought about what this meant, and decided that my grandfather was either gay, or bisexual. Fucking a girl felt good, with the inside of her pussy being all hot and wet, rubbing against my cock as we fucked, but this was 10 times better, he was sucking, licking, swallowing every inch of my hard cock all at the same time! So anyway, I walked into the living room where he was, as soon as I walked into the room his eyes went straight to my crotch! I had never had anyone deepthroat my cock before, but then the only people that had sucked me were young like me, and dind't have much experience in servicing a cock, or pleasuring someone. I was beginning to hump his mouth everytime he slid my cock down his throat. I'm 18 years old, and this was quite a nice surprise to me.

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I thought about what this meant, and decided that my grandfather was either gay, or bisexual.

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Finally I moaned loud, and started bucking uncontrolably in and out of his throat! He gulped it down, swallowing every hot drop, moaning with pleasure as he did! I never thought much about this until about 6 months ago, when he forgot to delete the history "of sites visited" on the computer. He never stopped looking up at me, and as I looked into his eyes I could see the enjoyment he was experiencing, the gratitude he had for me for letting him service me, the pleasure he was experiencing of having his own grandson's throbbing cock down his throat! He replied, Yes, yes, anything Sid, anything! I said, who's my little Fucking queer slut?

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It felt fantastic, I had never had anyone treat me like this before, it was the best. Now he always deleted the history and when I ask him once why, he said it was to keep it from building up in the computer. So I started watching him a little closer, and over the next week I caught him looking at my crotch several times! Then I said, Slide my underwear off bitch I want you to lick my balls and cock some before I fuck your hot ass! The grandson is so hot and sexy. I was moaning like I had never moaned before, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced in my life!

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