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People are always curious about why he only chooses other male dogs to mount," said Wang, a year-old graphic designer. Stellflug and Fred Stormshak Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September Dynamic lists. Victorian scientists saw animals having more offspring than seemed necessary: Studies of other birds suggest that same-sex coupling is a response to a shortage of malesand is much rarer if the sex ratio is equal.

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Rather than reflecting long-term sexual orientation, a lot of dog-on-dog action is more about power and the limited supply of available sex partners.

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Are there any homosexual animals?

They don't show a consistent sexual orientation. Same-sex behavior seen in nearly all animals Slate: Zimmer, Carl ; Parasite Rex: The females stare into each other's eyes while mating, which macaques hardly ever do outside of sexual contexts. The turning point was Bruce Bagemihl's book Biological Exuberancewhich outlined so many examples, from so many different species, that the topic moved to centre stage. In both cases, the males are using homosexual behaviour as a roundabout way to fertilise more females. A survey of damsel and dragonflies reveals characteristic cloacal pincher mating damage in 20—80 percent of the males, indicating a fairly high occurrence of sexual coupling between males.

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If the male carrying this sperm mates with a female later, the sperm might get transferred — so the male who produced it has fertilised a female without having to court her. Harrold, Max February 16, View image of Bonobos Pan paniscus have sex all the time Credit: View image of Red flour beetles Tribolium castaneum Credit: IC Queer eye for the feline Tan said Xiaowu, who she adopted as a month-old kitten, first showed signs of "homosexual" tendencies during his first estrus, or "heat," cycle when he was eight months old. Victorian scientists saw animals having more offspring than seemed necessary:

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